About Us

HI! And welcome to ScatterBrained Collars where you and your fur baby can walk together in style!
This was never the plan...AT ALL. I really planned to grow my business as a hairstylist in the beginning. That was until I became pregnant. Being on my feet all day killed me so I quit and stayed home with my little man until he was 9 months old and then I went back to school for nursing. Or so I thought.
ScatterBrained Collars was actually started in August of 2010 when I made collars for my Lab/Pitbull Mix, Stoley and my Siberian Husky/Timberwolf/Pitbull mix,Taaka. One day they were out playing in them and I casually took a picture of them and posted it on Facebook. The next day I received my first order not even knowing really what I was doing. The orders kept coming in through Facebook and I finally took the plunge and set up at my first arts and crafts fair. I didn't ever sell on Etsy at first only at events and through Facebook(what would businesses do without it.). After the first month I picked up my first wholesaler who still orders from me to this day. I pretty much work day and night on something for my business and love it. Now that this is what I do full time I couldn't see myself doing anything but this.

I hope that everyone sees the love, care and excitement I put into each piece because those are the emotions I feel every time I sit at my machine. A lot of people can't say they feel that way EVERYDAY they go to work so I'm VERY grateful that I can.